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Get your guns out

your love is a deserter

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10 January
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i am.

I'm all about the mellow. I'm all about being high strung. I dig the rain, I dig the sun....

I make people fly...

I've been told that I'm hard to get to know. That I'm intimidating. I don't know... I think I'm just me. But they're probably right; I am hard to get to know.

I like figuring things out. I like being with my friends. I'm not religious. I'm open-minded although I am a Conservative. I like to read. I ride the train a lot and I adore and loathe it at the same time. I like decaying buildings and abandoned highways. I smoke too much. I like to stay up all night. I like making out. I try to look mean while I'm on trains and busses so no one will sit next to me. I can fall in love with someone's mind or their body; I can be deep or extremely shallow. I'm a romantic, but I believe romance is dead...

I like to travel. I like to live in different places. So far I've lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Las Vegas, Guam, South Carolina, Toronto, and I've lived on a cruise ship for a year. I hate being a tourist.

I'm a Rigger. That is, in a theatrical context, I build and hang things and I work on automated scenery; but the part that I love is that I fly people.

Lately (for the last year) I've been contracting as a Video Editor. I needed to take a break from production work. This is a little more mellow, although at any given time I have processes running on seven different computers. So I guess "stress" is fairly relative.

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