starless (starless) wrote,

So it's about time for a Covid update


My theater closed. We still have no idea if it will reopen.

I was evicted from my apartment in San Francisco. Not for any particular reason; I paid my rent 2 weeks early every month for the entire time I was in Juneau, but they decided that I should leave the day my contract ended in Juneau.

I told my dad my situation and his response was "[I'm] too old to get into this sort of mess." Right. Silly, irresponsible me wasn't prepared to be evicted and unemployed while the industry my career was in has collapsed with no end in sight due to a mishandled pandemic. Totally my fault, though.

I'm in the Bay Area to move out my things and put everything into storage. I'm living in my truck. No one will give me a couch to crash on. Not family, not friends, no one. Which is what happens when your roommates throw you out in the middle of a pandemic with an almost 90,000 person death toll so far.

I'm getting UI through California, and that's good. At least I'm not starving.

No one I know has died, yet.

How are you? How are things in your world? How are you holding up?
Tags: covid, covid-19, evicted, family, homeless, living in truck, pandemic, unemployed

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