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So, you apply fior jobs in your field. You've been in this field for about twenty years, give or take, but you still expect a certain number of rejections. Most of the time they're not even rejections, they're more about the interviewer and their feelings about working with you because at this point in your career, you know that you know how to do the job and so do they. It's obvious. And rejections based on personality are not really rejections, imho.

Then something happens and you find yourself appplying for work in the only places that remain operating. Grocery stores. You can't even get an interview. You can't get a call back.

Let me be the person to tell you that it's a special sort of rejection. It's the kind of rejection that cuts right to the bone of your existance. You've been in A/V, live production, and theatre for over twenty years. You rarely even interview any longer, you just get gigs. Suddenly, after twenty years of managing shows, of transferring shows between cities, twenty years of building events in a few hours and taking them down in half the time you're not qualified to run a cash register. You're not qualified to put some merchandise on a shelf. You're not qualified to stand by an entrance and welcome people into a store.

And you have nothing to show for a career in live production... after twenty years.
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