starless (starless) wrote,

53 Days

Ok, so it's been a minute, and wow have things... changed.

The housemates back in SF fed me some lies about the landlord freaking out about us living there (it's an industrial/commercial space), so I have to move. Yes, that flag may have been raised for you, as well. They're not moving. Only me. Because, you know, landlords are cool with violating code a little and still incurring huge fines. In essence, I've paid $5000 over 5 months in order to have a place to return to, and also because I wouldn't have been able to give them enough notice before moving out, and this is what they do. I have to be moved out of their by June 1. My contract ends on May 1.

I also asked them for reduced rent, which they refused, because it was impossible to save money while I'm here. So, they are fully aware of what they're doing. And, keep in mind, they're lying about the landlords.

Never live anywhere without a lease. Never trust people when it money is involved. Never trust friends, even people you've known for 15 years, because without a lease they will absolutely rationalize and justify treating you poorly. Never expect that, just because you have done roommates/friends favors and made compromises for them, that they will do the same for you.


This theater is broke. Again. I tried to charge $3.90 to their main credit account the other day and it was declined. I'm trying to spend money that has been budgeted for our last show and getting pushback. Pushback or ghosted texts, maybe in some sort of desperate attempt to run out a clock so that it's too late to purchase things? I don't know. I'm being micromanaged at every level, yet completely unsupported in my dealing with people who work for me. Ie: insubordination is excused, which takes away all the power I have in my position. I ask the Managing Director if he's paid the trucking company, for example, and he promptly tries to take over the planning of my strike, questioning and second-guessing everything I've done. Do you see that? Do you see what I just pointed out? I ask him if he paid the trucking company, and instead of answering the question, he diverts the conversation and dissects all of my plans which, incidentally, required trucks to implement.


I was counting down the days until I return to The City, but it has turned from a countdown of hope to a countdown of dread. I'm miserable here, yet the only thing I was looking forward to has been yanked out from under me.

Lets see. Anything positive to report? Hm. Uh. I'm alive? I guess?
Tags: housemates, roommates, technical theatre, theatre work

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