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It's Tuesday. I really wish Dear Prudie would do their Tuesday update in the morning, not the afternoon.

I'm still waiting to hear back after my interview with the owner of the company. I'm still excited, yet expecting disappointment.

Yesterday I gave up the Black Jeep because someone more important than I arrived for the next show. I tried to move the Slug Bug, but it's stuck in a carport with 3 storms worth of snow blocking it in. Besides, I'm a little tired of breathing carbon monoxide every time I drive it. Also, there's the little issue of bald tires and the last time I drove it in the snow I went into a berm and couldn't get out. I don't want to die in Juneau while driving a beater, so I guess I'm walking now.

Company management sucks and mostly because she assumes I shouldn't get the same privileges as a Guest Artist since we're, allegedly, friends. Way to keep it professional, Sarah.

At this point, I have one more show to open. One more. And then I can get out of here. I just have to persevere and make it through I may have been unhappy in The City, but I was less unhappy than I am here and I had more opportunities to make myself happy.

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    I'm here. I'm alive.

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    fer fuck's sake. That's about all I can say.

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