starless (starless) wrote,

How to Ensure that an Employee is Disgruntled from their 1st day onward.

In an interview:

"... well, I don't know much about coffee. I know it comes in regular or decaf. That's about all I know. Also, I don't want to work with it, I don't really like it, and I just don't plan on having it in my life at all. But I think as the Cafe Manager I can still order supplies for the coffee, make sure our baristas are preparing it properly, etc."

"Perfect, you might have to actually touch some coffee now and then, but you'll be the Manager and your job description will be that of someone who coordinates and manages workers from all aspects of the business."

"Great! I accept the job!"

At this point I give up 2 great jobs and an upcoming Chef apprenticeship. The chance to manage an entire cafe is too good to pass up. I get rid of my apt, sell my things, and move across country to a town where I know no one and have no family. All for this job. It's going to be great. I'M FINALLY BECOMING "ABOVE THE NECK!!"

I get to work on my first day.


This is exactly what happened with Perseverance Theatre.
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