starless (starless) wrote,

Does it come in threes or is SF just a garbage heap?

I just sent an email that is the equivalent to "WHERE'S MAH MONEY!?"

Not really, but I'm supposed to pack a trailer and start driving today, and nothing has appeared in my account as of this morning.

Did I mention that my phone was snatched out of my hand on the train on Saturday night? Yes. So I have to wait for my replacement phone, anyway.

Did I mention that my jacket was stolen out of my truck on Saturday? Between 11AM and 1PM? Yes, middle of the afternoon, in front of my house, in a quiet, residential neighborhood. That jacket probably would've been useful in Alaska. I only brought one jacket with me from Philly. Now I have to buy a new one, which is probably more expensive in Juneau.

Did I mention that on Friday I was driving home and a construction sign fell over and scratched the entire length of my truck? They hadn't bothered to sandbag the signs and it was incredibly windy. The foreman tried to pretend that it wasn't his sign despite the orange plastic residue that had transferred to the scratched paint. So I have to make a claim. I'm never getting the money to fix that scratch.

I might be rethinking the part of my plan where I return to San Francisco after a year or so in Juneau. Seriously.
Tags: #crime, #negligence, #relocation, #sanfrancisco, break in, juneau, moving, mugging, relocation, robbery, san francisco, snatcher
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