starless (starless) wrote,

Is *this* happening, too??

I haven't been into someone in a long time. I mean... a very long time. I've had a crush here and there, but I haven't found myself interested enough in anyone to pursue anything since 2012 or something.

So, to suddenly be thinking about Charlotte all the time is new to me.

I almost let her get on a train without kissing her. I wasn't going to do it because there's a very good chance I'll never see her again. And maybe I'm a little overprotective with my heart, but it seemed like it would just make things messy if we created an emotional attachment before she left. I'm glad I acted on the impulse.

She's smart, funny. She has dreams and goals. I told her I identify as TG or Genderfluid and she didn't back off. I've actually been videochatting with her almost every day, which is something I never do.

And she's going to be in Seattle while I visit Peter in a few days.
Tags: attraction, charlotte, relationships, seattle
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