starless (starless) wrote,

Good news

I finally got in touch with HR at work and, although I should be ineligible for health benefits due to the lack of hours, they are going to keep me on the plan.

That is terrific news.

And actually, that's the problem with A.C.T. They follow callous acts with incredibly generous gestures. But I can't sit here and complain when my biggest worry in the near future has been alleviated.


I've got another interview with Juneau today. And maybe a proposal. This decision was going to be much easier when I thought I wasn't going to have insurance. I shouldn't get ahead of myself; there is no decision to be made, yet.

Anyway, the luxury of an easy decision due to bad behavior on my company's part is no longer mine. So I have to actually decide based on the merits of the offer and the long-term benfits to me. That sort of decision hasn't been my forte in the past.
Tags: #cancer, #fuckcancer, #insurance, #relocation, alaska, cancer, employment, insurance, relocation
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