starless (starless) wrote,

Juneau might be a thing

The theater in Juneau seems to be intersted in me.

By midweek I'm, most likely, going to have to make a decision based on an impulsive act.

I was in a downswing (still am) and I started map-dreaming. This is what I do when I feel like I can't stand being where I am, or the life I'm living.

Which seems to happen just about every two years.

Anyway, for some reason I had turned my attention to Juneau. I was poking around, using Google Streetview, and just virtually taking walks around the city. Then I looked at the rents for some places on Craig's List. Wow. Affordable rent. On average it seems like a 2 BR is the cost of a very, very inexpensive 1BR around the Bay. So then I looked around for theaters and A/V companies. Oh, there's a pro theater. It seemed like a good time to update and reformat my resume as I'd been intending to do. So I sent it.

And here we are.


Do I want to live in Juneau? Impulsively, yes, I'd love to. But moving from San Francisco to to Juneau?

Do I want to pursue theatre? I thought I did until I started working for A.C.T. Now I'm not sure whether I picked a bad company or if theatre isn't for me, but I know that my urge to run as far away as possible from A.C.T. is real and, aside from the credit on my resume, I wish I'd never started working for them.

Do I want to be even further away from my dad, who is getting old.

How can I turn down an opportunity to live in Juneau?

Oh. And the position would be Technical Director. Terrifying.
Tags: #alaska, #juneau, #theatre, employment, juneau, relocation, theatre, work
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