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ghost in the machine

A few years ago I was looking for a torrent. I had decided that I wanted to read the entire Marvel NOW! reboot. I think it was a universe reboot to fix story lines, etc. DC has done it, too.

Ok, how quickly I digress.

So I found a torrent on KAT and I grabbed it. For some reason I started poking around in the comments and that is when I learned that the person who had uploaded the torrent had died. His daughter had commented on the thread and mentioned it. I think she was in the process of grieving and was tying up loose ends in her father's digital life, as he had a deep one (being a torrenter of his caliber on KAT, he was at least involved in the community there). An outpouring of support followed her post, in the form of comments, and it looked like a memorial to me. You know how Facebook will allow you to convert someone's personal profile into a memorial page? It felt like that.

I added my own comment and promised his daughter that I wouldn't stop seeding the torrent, in memorial to him.

That was May, 2015. Since then KAT has disappeared and the memorial along with it. I'm still seeding his torrent. His ones and zeros, his scans of a comic book (or the fruits of him hacking Marvel and doing a siterip), his effort... lives on.

Is he a ghost in the machine now? As time goes on, how much of the internet will be "dead?" The deadweb. Sites and services abandoned because their creators died after carving out a spot somewhere that will never cost money. Endeavors that will live on until a server dies, until a network loses its access, until unplugged from electricity. And even then may quietly rise from oblivion again when an admin restores that recently dead hard drive from a backup, inadvertently resurrecting a tiny website or page created by someone long gone.
Tags: digital memorial, ghost in the machine, ghosts, internet, networking, torrent
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