starless (starless) wrote,

So, I finally installed Semagic into a Wine wrapper and I'm ready to write.

And now that I'm ready to write I suddenly have nothing to write about.

I'm still working for American Conservatory Theater as their Head Carpenter. Had I mentioned that in the last few months?

Have I mentioned anything that has happened since November? Whenever a long period has elapsed between posts I try to avoid reading what I last wrote; I feel like it'll influence my feelings and interpretations of more recent events. But... maybe that's what a journal should be?

I commute every day from Santa Cruz to San Francisco. It's expensive in both time and money. I need to fix that.

Rachel left California without even saying goodbye. Without so much as a word. I need to stop counting her as a friend because I'm 99.9% certain that I'm not included in her tally of people who matter to her. Her sister, who I'd never really had a chance to get close to, has been more interested in talking to me and finding out what I'm doing. When Rachel left I was living in a tent and running out of money. I had no job. She never even called to check if I was doing any better.

I'm certain that dad has Alzheimer's. I suspected it when I left Pennsylvania and I looked through his medicine cabinet. My father is the type of person who will say nothing about an illness until it's too late. He'd had surgery for prostate cancer and my mother only found out about the cancer, leave alone the surgery, accidentally because he left a piece of hospital correspondence on his desk.

He can't remember anything. He thought I live in LA. After asking me for my address 3 times in just as many weeks. He asked me if I was planning to visit him in Arizona several times and was surprised every time I told him that I couldn't take a vacation like that.

I think I've made a friend. We're going to see The Cure on Thursday. His name is Greg and he's probably the first male friend I've made in years. Years and years. Actually, he's probably the first friend I've made in general in a long, long time. So that's nice.

I started running again. I hadn't really been hiking or running since November and it feels great. I've been running an average of 10 miles and it's through redwood forest. Old redwood forest. Quiet. In 2 hours I tend to run into 1 or 2 people if I'm unlucky.

And now I only have another 7 hours before tech is over and I can go home for a bit.
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