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I said installment, right?

So, I did. I wrote about part of my trip and I intended to do it in installments. I still do. It will happen. As soon as I'm settled into an apt and not sleeping in a tent in the Cloverdale Citrus Fair parking lot.

That's the state of things. I'm working a ton and making good money. The "flow" doesn't start until tomorrow, though, so I've been sleeping in my tent with Oswin since 10/23. Not very long, but it's getting cold. Last night was very cold. And it's just getting colder.

I have a place lined up. It's a 2 bedroom on top of a mountain in Guerneville. Ok, so maybe "mountain" is an overstatement, but there is a 2 mile drive up a one-lane gravel road to get to the house. It's in redwood forest, it's in a beautiful spot. The apartment itself is the 2nd floor of a house; it has an open floorplan, vaulted ceilings (15ft or more?), a wood stove, a deck that's almost the entire length of the house. All private and separate from the house.

$1500/month is a decent price for that.

Now for the drawbacks: the water pressure is horrible. It was one of those places where the little switch for the shower barely turned the shower head on. I need a good shower. The only internet available is 1.5Mbps ADSL, which is terrible. Horrible. And I know I won't get anywhere near that speed because it's DSL and because if that's the only plan they can offer...

It's not near anything. Forestville is the nearest little town. It's cute and quaint and has one or two restaurants. Guerneville is a little closer, but it's also a very small town. It hs a little more nightlife, but not much. It has a gay bar if that's an indicator of the level of the social scene. The problem is that I'm a single guy moving into a new town, city, state, etc and I want to meet people. I want the opportunity to meet a romantic interest. Nature is great and lately I can't get enough, but I really don't think that isolating myself at this stage is a good idea.

The other place I'm sure to be approved of is in Capitola. Capitola is a town right next to, and basically part of, Santa Cruz. It's a case where both towns have grown and it looks like Santa Cruz and Capitola are almost one big town/city. Santa Cruz has a social scene, tons of bars and restaurants and coffeehouses. It's a surf town (duh). There will be things to do, good internet, and lots of people around. The other day I drove through and saw a bunch of inked up people, etc. In other words: I would fit in this town.

I stick out in Guerneville/Forestville.

The drawback is that I would be sharing a 2 bedroom with a stranger. She seems nice. She's younger, but a working nurse. That's pretty much the only drawback. Sharing an apt. The rent would also be cheaper; I would be paying $900-1000 vs the $1700 ($1500 if I help take care of the cats?) for the beautiful place in Guerneville.

I don't know what to decide. I'm thinking that Santa Cruz is a better choice.

Both are 2 hours from San Francisco, so the commute/fuel cost doesn't factor.

So that's where I am. Actually, where I am is sitting in Plank in Cloverdale, having coffee and some warmth because it's still pretty cold in the morning.

I'll be in an apt by Friday. And then the real fun begins. Installment 2 about the actual journey, coming up soon.
Tags: camping, capitola, cloverdale, guerneville, hippy commune, homeless, housing
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