starless (starless) wrote,

and so after that

So... what to do about all of that.

I think I'm leaving. I've already started packing. In fact, I should be putting some more things in my truck instead of writing. Things to get rid of. Things I don't need. Things that don't matter.

And then I'll start driving. I'm on a month-to-month lease since the 1-year was up and I didn't sign anything new. And even if it's not up, I don't really care, honestly. I hate my job. I've got nothing to keep me here.


  1. Get rid of everything

  2. Start driving... west...erly

I think that's the simplified plan for now. Cancer didn't eat up my entire inheritance, I have a little money left. As long as I'm driving with a destination, I should be able to get a place on the other end and start working. Or not. I kind of don't feel like starting this bullshit treadmill again. So I don't really know where that leaves me, but having nothing but my truck and a tent...

Yeah. It sounds really appealing.
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