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  • Mon, 14:27: RT @teenagesleuth: Why won't Obama send troops to fight Ebola at the Mexican border?!
  • Mon, 14:29: Micromanaged into a funk, day is half over, still don't have paperwork for ZOMGGIANTSHOW going out at the end of the day.
  • Mon, 14:30: On top of that, my boss has been yelling "I want to be out of this place SO BAD!!!" This place isn't toxic, hell no.
  • Mon, 14:31: I wish it was still funny, but all I can think about is moving to Cali.
  • Mon, 14:33: And now the 30 min lunch break is over. #shootmeintheface
  • Mon, 15:46: "Fucking middle management, how does that work?" #IfMyBossWasAJuggalo
  • Mon, 17:43: Aand more of my tools disappear from my toolbox while I'm working 20 ft away. #toxic #worstjob
  • Mon, 22:32: Sleepy time with Oswin.
  • Tue, 07:31: This guy on Morning Joe is giving Al Gore credit for creating the internet.
  • Tue, 07:32: Sorry, I'm putting words in his mouth: it wasn't Al Gore solo, it was him and a "couple guys working on packet switching for a couple years"
  • Tue, 07:32: AL GORE WORKING ON PACKET SWITCHING. I don't think this guy can hear himself speak.
  • Tue, 07:35: Also: that one guy who started a weblog… he's responsible for social media. I think that's what this guy said.
  • Tue, 07:56: The countdown until no more roommate.
  • Tue, 07:59: Call me crazy, but I don't want/need to live in a house that looks like Babbys First Apt after moving away from home. At a frat house.
  • Tue, 11:20: Blood falling out of me in prodigious amounts.
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