starless (starless) wrote,

My tweets

  • Sun, 14:00: I'm at Hickory Run State Park in Jim Thorpe, PA
  • Sun, 17:21: Saylorsville Dam
  • Sun, 23:20: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: The White Stripes (48), White Lung (48) & Yeah Yeah Yeahs (33) #music
  • Mon, 07:38: Text at 12:30AM: I need you to come in an hour earlier. Um. Why are you even trying to contact me at fucking midnight and NO. Happy Monday
  • Mon, 07:39: And then, please, lets argue over it through text in the 45 mins I have to get ready to leave for work. Good morning!
  • Mon, 07:40: The funny part is, in my head, I've already given notice. I'm just waiting for a piece of mail.
  • Mon, 07:45: "This small town celebrates their local heroes." And now they don't have football. Bc their kids are rapists. Monsters. Fuck your football.
  • Mon, 07:47: No, the entire team aren't monsters. But maybe next time the kids who saw something will say something.
  • Mon, 10:39: So, we're back to micromanagement, no sharing of information, and step by step tasking. They want a stupid drone, they've got one.
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