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  • Thu, 15:30: Oh no, I lost my strategic iPod position and now I have to listen to Angst Metal all afternoon. #underandoverit
  • Thu, 15:48: Most of these song lyrics are the result of a poetry contest administered to teen boys who'd just been dumped by the Loves of Their Lives.
  • Thu, 16:10: This gem kicks off with the brilliantly analytical line "You're such a fucking poser" and ends with a broodingly introspective "I'm so sick"
  • Thu, 16:12: The most amusing thought is that a mature, adult man wrote the lyrics. An adult. With well-developed emotions.
  • Thu, 16:15: This song extols his great memory as the main chorus is "I REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!!" It still sounds painful, though.
  • Thu, 16:16: This song starts off with "I HATE YOU, I DON'T CARE!!!" Again: a grown man, an adult, probably with a wife and kids, wrote those lyrics.
  • Thu, 16:19: They should just change the genre to what it is: Young Adult. The target audience is the same as YA novels. So this guy is a YA Musician.
  • Thu, 16:22: So it's like... Hardy Boys for a new generation. Hardy Boys with eyeliner and angst.
  • Thu, 16:44: Resistance is futile.
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