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  • Thu, 13:49: #fuckdapolice
  • Thu, 14:20: It's definitely crack day at Wawa.
  • Thu, 15:51: It's almost funny to see this guy's delusions of grandeur vocalized. He seems to think the company will implode without him.
  • Thu, 16:17: He thinks the owner of the company is going to "try to ruin [his] reputation in the business" bc he (a "shop guy") gave his 2 week notice.
  • Thu, 16:21: Don't fool yourselves, kids: you're never as indispensable as you think. Most likely, you're easily replaced.
  • Thu, 16:38: The VP who sits in her office all day drinking vodka says "we," as in "we work really hard to get shows out." We. Alcoholic accountant. We.
  • Fri, 07:28: He acts surprised that I don't have much to say someone who's too arrogant to realize other people exist. #notworthmytime
  • Fri, 07:36: RT @CapricornSign_: #Capricorn is a hard one to please. Sorry, but they have high standards.
  • Fri, 07:40: SOOOO many people get sick on Friday, it's like SOOOO weird.
  • Fri, 07:41: Got up at 7am instead of 6 bc I'm not running 3 miles this morning & my roommate is already playing video games & drinking straight whiskey.
  • Fri, 07:42: He's definitely winning at life.
  • Fri, 08:17: Bye bye, Mr Holder, maybe someone will take your place who isn't ok with trouncing our civil liberties.
  • Fri, 10:15: Wow, I should've listened: took my iOS 8 iPhone 5s off its charger @ 7am, haven't used it, battery now at 30%. You actually, suck, Apple.
  • Fri, 10:16: My previously perfectly functional phone is now tethered to s power supply. Fuck you, @Apple #ios8
  • Fri, 11:57: Nostalgia for bag phones? @apple will reattach that power cable so you can relive the early 90's with #iOS8
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