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  • Sun, 12:38: RT @mydaughtersarmy: Sir Patrick Stewart on being an old white man...
  • Sun, 13:38: I'm not internationally known, but I've been known to rock a microphone. Just FYI.
  • Sun, 13:40: RT @RealCarrotFacts: Sometimes the moon looks like a carrot if you hold a carrot in front of it and just look at the carrot instead for 30 …
  • Sun, 15:20: FJ owners waving at each other like Jeep people. I like it.
  • Sun, 16:04: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Interpol (78), Pixies (34) & We Were Promised Jetpacks (30) #music
  • Sun, 16:58: RT @marcmaron: Why don't they make a phone that charges itself on the anxiety about your phone running out of juice.
  • Sun, 17:03: Everyone is leaving the park at once, and they all have Eagles jerseys on. And the sportball stadium is kinda across Passyunk from here.
  • Sun, 17:04: I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's probably a ball foot sporting match starting soon.
  • Sun, 17:04: Iggles.
  • Sun, 17:05: RT @peteholmes: "back pain? crazy question: have you been sleeping COVERED in thousands of gold coins and jewels?" - smaug's doctor
  • Mon, 11:24: The run-on sentence that is my stream of consciousness.
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