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  • Wed, 19:42: I want this Black Cherry FJ. Fuuuuuck I want it. Now to keep the straight face.
  • Wed, 19:51: They seem pretty positive about the trade in value of my '98 Solara. Seems like a tactic.
  • Wed, 19:54: RT @sabzbrach: The point is, it doesn't matter if that's a tank or just looks like a tank when it's there because you're protesting.
  • Wed, 19:54: RT @sabzbrach: And it doesn't matter if that rifle has an orange cap when someone is pointing it at your face. The point of these weapons i…
  • Wed, 20:28: I drove it. I love it. OMG the ride was one long orgasm.
  • Wed, 20:30: And now the credit check.... Boo :(
  • Wed, 20:44: I always stress over my "terrible" credit that really isn't that terrible. And I don't need to finance *that* much.
  • Wed, 20:49: I might be driving this truck to work tomorrow. Must. Contain. Antici. Pation.
  • Wed, 21:07: Signed the paperwork. I just have to bring them the money in the morning. I'm buying a car!
  • Wed, 23:22: RT @evanchill: Ferguson has happened before. In America. A lot. Just didn't get tweeted.
  • Wed, 23:23: This isn't America any more. Just know that. We no longer live in America.
  • Wed, 23:27: RT @jackfrombkln: The Civil Rights Act is 50 years old. These two pictures were taken 50 years apart. Behold our progress. #Ferguson http:/…
  • Thu, 09:20: The wait at the DMV is agonizing when you just want to pick up your new car.
  • Thu, 09:27: RT @allahpundit: Those War-Ready Cops in Ferguson Are 9/11's Awful Legacy—and Your Taxes Are Paying for It
  • Thu, 09:28: You think you're close to being served, but then you realize they're running 3 sets of numbers and it's still A THOUSAND HOURS to wait.
  • Thu, 09:29: RT @INeedJa_Kadeeja: Washington Post reporters have been arrested in two cities this year: #Ferguson and Tehran
  • Thu, 09:30: RT @AndrewJCohen: So basically in Ferguson we have a Bull Connor police force exercising Cairo crowd control and Myanmar press freedom. Ter…
  • Thu, 09:31: RT @mattblaze: I'm horrified because peaceful protest is the holiest sacrament of our secular constitution. Those who suppress it forfeit t…
  • Thu, 09:31: RT @YourAnonNews: If anyone missed this: #Ferguson Police Chief Tim Fitch Studied Counter-Terrorism in Israel with IDF
  • Thu, 09:32: I'll say it again: this isn't America any more, folks. Hasn't been for about 13 years.
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