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  • Wed, 14:27: Yeah, Kanye. People taking photos of you for magazines and newspapers is JUST LIKE the civil rights movement. He's the smartest. Ever.
  • Wed, 14:31: RT @verge: 2.34 million people are still paying AOL 20 bucks a month for internet
  • Wed, 18:00: I'm going to have to give the new Spoon album another listen because wtf did I just listen to?!?
  • Wed, 19:58: Oh, good. So locking myself out of the house was definitely in my goals for today. #shit
  • Wed, 20:52: The fact that people keep endorsing me for "music" and "sound" tells me that they have NO idea what a LIGHTING Designer does.
  • Thu, 07:43: "Don't regret looking older than you feel!" - an evil commercial playing on our basest fears. #disgusting
  • Thu, 07:52: I'm by myself in my shop today. No over hire. No teammate. No giant shows to prep. No giant shows to return. HAPPY THURSDAY!!!
  • Thu, 07:53: I won't have to listen to ANY metalcore today!! No nu-metal or scene will be scribbled to my! HAPPY THURSDAY!
  • Thu, 07:58: Putin: "Oh yeah?!?!? Well I put sanctions on YOU!!!" Doesn't remind me of being a child fighting on a playground. At all.
  • Thu, 10:08: Have I mentioned that I get a daily, morning bowel status update from my rider? #notapoopjoke
  • Thu, 10:08: You were the one-two punch from Toron'o.
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