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  • Sun, 17:59: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: MC Chris (24), Death From Above 1979 (22) & The Dead Weather (16) #music
  • Mon, 08:02: Ok, guy. No gas, grass, or ass and now you're consistently late. Why am I giving you a free ride every day? Remind me.
  • Mon, 08:04: No good deed goes unpunished.
  • Mon, 08:05: RT @stats_canada: The average Canadian swallows ten spiders per year while daydreaming about winning the Stanley Cup
  • Mon, 08:09: With every tick of the dashboard clock I envision the traffic getting thicker on I95. I tap on the wheel faster. Also, really strong coffee.
  • Mon, 11:03: Dear Pedantic Ass: Yes, I kno when I said "it's hot today" I meant it's humid. See, humidity hinders our body's cooling system. There4: hot.
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