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  • Wed, 12:24: Panhandlers IN my school asking for bus fare and coffee.
  • Wed, 12:40: I guess I have a final exam today? Not sure? Can't find classmates or professor... So I'll just wait at the pub? #LotsOfQuestions
  • Wed, 12:45: So are we into the best blah blahs of 2013 lists yet? I'll summarize: 2013 was a stupid idiot garbage year. There.
  • Wed, 12:45: I know, my positivity is overwhelming.
  • Wed, 12:49: RT @IntEngineering: #EngineerGirl
  • Wed, 12:49: RT @lefishy: advice to anyone going outside: don't
  • Wed, 13:10: Mhm. I think that 48 hours in min sec county lockup qualifies you to speak on the injustices and atrocities of the American penal system.
  • Wed, 13:13: "I have never experienced such a level of unprofessionalism, bigotry, lack of anything that resembles class, maturity, intelligence" (cont)
  • Wed, 13:14: ... (cont) Says the white, suburban male after spending 48 hours in county for a DUI charge. #CheckYourPriviledge
  • Wed, 13:15: He must've expected the guards, and admin staff to be polite, obsequious, and charming. After all, he's a GUEST of the prison, you know!?!?
  • Wed, 15:52: The Starbucks that just forgets that you ordered anything.
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