starless (starless) wrote,

My tweets

  • Mon, 15:03: Fuck alcoholics. #unpopularopinions
  • Mon, 15:49: Can I please just take english lit courses for the rest of my career?
  • Mon, 15:50: OR: can I please just take english lit courses and then somehow magically have a comp sci degree?
  • Mon, 21:56: I hate Walking Dead :(
  • Tue, 10:17: A million things to do, one day to do them, I'm still sitting here drinking coffee.
  • Tue, 10:58: Oh. I just remembered how upset I am over Walking Dead. I should expect it... it's part of the formula. But still.
  • Tue, 11:07: "I got about 3 hours of sleep last night." "Partying?" with a sidelong glance. "No. Working." I have this conversation at least 1/week.
  • Tue, 11:07: I'm into tweets with line breaks today. Apparently.
Tags: twitter
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