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  • Mon, 13:23: RT @AP: BREAKING: Philadelphia district attorney charges contractor with murder, manslaughter in building collapse that left 6 dead.
  • Mon, 13:27: RT @BlizzardCS: Follow us & retweet this message before Monday, 11/25/13, for an extra chance to beta test #Hearthstone!
  • Mon, 13:43: Lol, lawyer trying to pretend it takes over 10 days to mail a letter from NY to PA.
  • Mon, 14:44: This is the longest it has ever taken to receive my @lootcrate. Why the switch from UPS to USPS? USPS is bankrupt for a reason :(
  • Mon, 14:45: With UPS, i received my @lootcrate in 2 or 3 days. With USPS... well.. shipped 11/19, still waiting.
  • Mon, 14:47: USPS is like the music recording industry: crying about the internet, yet making their services an exercise in masochism.
  • Mon, 14:53: I just checked my old boxes, @lootcrate has always used USPS. It's just the usual inability of USPS to handle the "surprise" holiday mail.
  • Mon, 19:49: RT @TheDaniStew: Lol. I was just thinking about what a terrible person you are
  • Mon, 19:52: All you people with your problems in interpersonal relationships. Be like me: alienate everyone, show no interest in anyone, be happy!!
  • Mon, 21:37: Flat, broke down life.
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