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  • Thu, 18:40: 1st band has taken the stage: Rebuker. They are loud and very angry.
  • Thu, 18:52: There is a girl with some sort of faux-KKK regalia on. Hooded and pointy. The anger gets angrier. Waiting for next band.
  • Thu, 19:03: 2nd band on stage. They also seem very angry. Mad. Very loud. Disgruntled because of reasons.
  • Thu, 19:21: Theme has changed to depression and suicide. Frontman telling teenagers he knows what it's like to not fit in. This has never been done b4.
  • Thu, 19:52: 3rd band: very loud and screamy. They appear to be mad or disgruntled with numerous aspects of life, as well. Starting to sense a theme.
  • Thu, 19:58: Borrowing a lighter in Chinatown is actually quite challenging.
  • Thu, 20:12: The last band, while maintaining the angry theme, also dipped into feelings of disdain, sometimes outrage. They also explored despondence.
  • Thu, 23:43: Accept a job. Immediately change the job description yourself and get people fired over it. That's how it works here.
  • Fri, 00:08: It's sad that I can't offer to help carry a stranger's suitcase without being confronted with a look of horror.
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