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  • Mon, 12:40: Time to gtfo of this class. I really don't feel like being in high school again.
  • Mon, 14:00: Did "Speed Friending" in class. Still can't remember a single name of the 12 people I spent 3 mins talking with.
  • Mon, 14:09: RT @Gizmodo: Google, Facebook and Yahoo join forces to fight for more transparency
  • Mon, 14:09: RT @kellyoxford: I'm pretty good at pretending I don't care, but caring forever.
  • Mon, 14:13: 2nd day of class. Already full of dread.
  • Mon, 15:49: Your rapist/mugger/killer will surely give you time to read the sign then dial the number.
  • Mon, 16:06: Sooo, instead of going to the school bookstore I went to the pub for happy hour. #ProfessionalStudent
  • Mon, 16:10: I mean... next class is a 3 hour Eng Comp class. So I'm either writing something creative or an expository essay. 60 Minute goes well w both
  • Mon, 16:12: I'm missing Spiritualized tonight. That's also my excuse. I haven't seen J. Spacemen & crew since the 90's.
  • Mon, 16:14: Actually, I saw Spiritualized open for Siouxsie & the Banshees. Opened. For Siouxsie. That's how fucking old I am. Elderly, even.
  • Mon, 16:17: I consider it rare & special when I'm the first person to pop open a ketchup bottle in a restaurant. #NoMarriage!
  • Mon, 16:42: RT @aurabogado: "I don't know what he's capable of." --Shellie Zimmerman (Um, he's capable of killing an unarmed bla…
  • Mon, 16:55: RT @NicCageMatch: To be fair, George Zimmerman also pulled a gun on his dog, the toaster oven, the toilet, the laundry, some Skittles & Can…
  • Mon, 17:09: Hm. iPhone incredibly hot. Went from 50% to 10% battery in about 2 minutes. I think there may be something wrong with this thing.
  • Mon, 18:01: So I think I'll be getting my textbooks from Amazon again. I just can't justify paying 2x the price for used books over Amazon's prices.
  • Mon, 18:02: The fact that I'm more excited about my English Comp class than all of my math and comp sci classes so far should tell me something, right?
  • Mon, 18:04: A long time ago I wanted to be an English teacher. I used to write constantly. At some point I became enamored with math & comp sci. #paths
  • Mon, 18:12: Oh. I'm sorry. I thought that #Syria was an America/Syria issue, not a male/female, feminist issue. #WhyDontYouCheckYOURPriviledge
  • Mon, 18:14: Or, idk, stop turning Every. Single. Fucking. Issue. into something about gender. Stop discrediting yourself, ffs.
  • Mon, 18:17: Idk. Maybe I'm just crazy. I'm sure that's it.
  • Mon, 18:24: RT @HafsaHalawa: "You can't get the public behind you, if the public don't know where you are" - one of CNN's better points of analysis #Ob
  • Mon, 18:27: The fact that I still get excited over 1 new follower on Twitter (and it's invariably a spambot) probably means I should delete my account.
  • Mon, 21:19: The drunk roommate never leaves. Therefore, MY kitten is now HIS kitten since it has imprinted on him and doesn't even come to me any more.
  • Mon, 21:23: Oh well. This was exactly what I was afraid of. It was nice while it lasted. Not getting another pet until I live alone.
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