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  • Sun, 12:18: Oh, the looks I got when I refused communion. #Eucharist #Atheist
  • Sun, 15:21: So many abandoned houses/properties around Acadia/Ellsworth, ME. I want to squat everywhere and become a land baron.
  • Sun, 15:28: Pretty sure my dad has onset Alzheimer's. Spending 10 days with him has shown me just how bad his memory is. I'm worried.
  • Sun, 15:57: Don't want to pack. Don't want to go back to Philly. Don't want to go back to 3 jobs + full time classes. #ugh
  • Sun, 18:30: Female ants swarming, leaving the colony to establish new ones. Yeah. The swarm was a lot bigger and…
  • Mon, 01:36: Please help me to not leave my dad at a rest stop in the middle of New England.
  • Mon, 01:38: Oh, the PH balanced water gave you a headache. Not the 24/7 alcohol consumption. Couldn't be that.
  • Mon, 03:25: Alcoholics are fucking assholes.
  • Mon, 03:29: Way to ruin the trip and put out lives at risk. Glad you just HAD to drink while driving.
  • Mon, 03:38: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (10), The Spyrals (10) & Lotus Plaza (9) #music
  • Mon, 05:31: Yes. Refusing to let you drive while you're drinking is definitely me "throwing a tantrum." This is how alcoholics think.
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