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  • Sat, 13:23: RT @sabzbrach: Short Obama: "Hey look at my new puppy frolicking in the roses. Also I'm bombing Syria. Enjoy college football. Roll tide!"
  • Sat, 13:32: Sometimes it seems that the "no slut shaming" movement is being used as an excuse to be a reprehensible human being. #unpopularopinions
  • Sat, 13:36: Don't get me wrong, I'm all for losing the puritanical BS used to oppress, but it's not an excuse for being a right bastard. #noslutshaming
  • Sat, 13:55: Well, here we go again. #Syria
  • Sat, 13:57: RT @iyad_elbaghdadi: Obama: A debate and then a vote will be held as soon as congress is back in session. #Syria
  • Sat, 13:59: RT @sabzbrach: Now he's questioning the effectiveness of the UN, international law. So the US is the world police, again.
  • Sat, 14:04: RT @xeni: Now’s the time for all good people to contact their elected representatives in Congress….
  • Sat, 14:07: Perpetual war.
  • Sat, 16:07: I'm at Cafe Dry Dock & Inn (Southwest Harbor, ME)
  • Sat, 16:58: Making friends with fishermen. Real fishermen.
  • Sat, 22:34: Too good to be true and all that.
  • Sat, 22:37: Bill made margaritas with vodka and Skinny Girl mix. Soo, I'm drinking vodka and lime juice. #andAspartame
  • Sat, 22:40: Me, brownish, with a "margarita." Vacation is good.
  • Sun, 08:34: Why is the atheist the only one awake and ready to go to church?? #DontAsk
  • Sun, 10:01: Why is there no outrage? The 3 educated, well informed men I vacationed with knew nothing of Snowden, NSA, PRISM, etc. #WhereIs4thEstate?
  • Sun, 10:03: That is exactly how "they" get away w/ it: media doesn't report it, no one talks about it, & immensely illegal action remains unquestioned.
  • Sun, 10:05: Went to church last Sunday. Going again today. For my dad. Hadn't been in 20 years and hopefully can avoid it for another 20. #Atheist
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