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  • Sun, 14:26: Odd show today: 2 bands, then @peekaboorevue�headlining, but without the orchestra. Can't wait!
  • Sun, 15:06: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Tu Fawning (457), The Raconteurs (28) & We Were Promised Jetpacks (21) #music
  • Sun, 15:29: Since you keep referring to our PM as "the girl" you won't mind if I call you "The Misogynist Douchebag," right?
  • Sun, 18:31: "I've done 156 shows in 30 weeks" 2 minutes later… "How do I talk on the ClearCom?" #lies
  • Sun, 18:44: I miss my cat.
  • Sun, 20:06: Funny how people come to a live concert and then watch it through their iPhone the entire time.
  • Sun, 20:26: Rearranged show b/c Wanda Jackson overslept and missed her flight. Now we'll be here until… or idk, tomorrow or something.
  • Sun, 20:30: Then again, what is a livable wage? It's certainly not $2.83, but is it even Minimum Wage? Is it $10/hr? Maybe everyone should get tips.
  • Sun, 20:44: You guys, your set is half over, do you still wanna mess around with plugging things in or….?
  • Sun, 20:49: ROFL, she didn't make the next flight, either.
  • Sun, 21:24: All I want to do is go home and play with Oswin.
  • Sun, 21:42: Google "Wanda Jackson cancels" and see how many results appear. Tonight isn't a surprise.
  • Sun, 23:19: I'm over it.
  • Sun, 23:20: Enjoy your darkness, drunken hipster shithead.
  • Sun, 23:37: RT @danadearmond: If prison was really like it is in Orange Is The New Black, I would go out and do crimes right now.
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