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  • Thu, 16:34: Best coffeehouse on Market. (@ LOMA Coffee)
  • Thu, 19:17: Funny, I wouldn't have imagined her as a "Steve"
  • Thu, 19:20: The question shouldn't be about why Willis was dropped from Expendables 3, it should be asking why Expendables 3, period.
  • Thu, 20:34: Contraption is one of my favorite words.
  • Thu, 21:18: If I could only light jam bands for the rest of my life i 'd be happy. Strike that, reverse it: I'd kill myself in a horrific manner.
  • Thu, 21:33: The way she plays the tambourine makes me want to commit mass genocide.
  • Thu, 21:51: I'm at World Cafe Live - @wclatthequeen for Steve Kimock (Wilmington, DE) w/ 2 others
  • Thu, 21:54: All I want to do is continue leveling my rogue. Is that so much to ask? #RLgetsintheway
  • Thu, 21:58: If you showed up for this thing and you're not getting paid we can never be friends.
  • Thu, 23:05: Oh. Pls keep yelling the Dave Chapelle/Lil John "eeYeeayah" thing over the audience. It wasn't old 5 years ago & is, in fact, very relevant.
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