starless (starless) wrote,

My tweets

  • Mon, 12:01: OMG this guy leaves nothing the way he found it.
  • Mon, 17:24: The cafe/bistro that has to go brew coffee for me when ordered. The cafe.
  • Mon, 17:45: Mike Dawes is kind of a ridiculously talented guitarist.
  • Tue, 00:59: I forgot to put out the trash so I went outside with only jeans on. And then was propositioned. Had to be a hooker, right?
  • Tue, 09:51: All of the Espheni girls love Hal.
  • Tue, 11:45: So the roomie who complained the most about the kitties now has 4 of them locked in his room. #grumble
  • Tue, 11:48: iPhone sync when you're not late: Oh, wow, that was quick! When late: HOLYSH*&HURRYUPWHATSTAKINGSOLONGISSOMETHINGWRONGOMGOMGHURRY!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: twitter
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