starless (starless) wrote,

Today I threw away the only two pictures

Today I threw away the only two pictures you gave to me. As I rifled through a box of odds and ends from that old apartment in the town that only exists because of the strip malls it holds, I came across your face, twice, wallet sized and barely faded.

I stared for a moment. Just a nostalgic remembrance of when you used to love me. But that was quickly washed away as everything else came crashing through with that rare moment when you had compassion instead of contempt for me. When my love and devotion wasn't measured by your own insecurity. Before I threw away everything for you... Just to be thrown away by you... again.

I crumpled the photos and tossed them in the garbage.

And I hope that when I get home tonight, in a moment of weakness, I don't fish them out, brush them off, and flatten them...
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