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  • Wed, 13:14: I think I might've accomplished both things I needed. AND they involved IRS AND Financial Aid @ school!!!!!!! #amazing #isthisreal?
  • Wed, 13:44: The fact that she thought I'm an iced latte kind of guy just killed the wedding plans that were forming in my head.
  • Wed, 14:46: Yes, we know you're home. You can stop interrupting everyone and constantly yelling. You're center stage. We're all looking at you.
  • Wed, 19:55: RT @anthonyjeselnik: Did James Gandolfini really die? Or did it just cut to black?
  • Wed, 19:56: RT @kellyoxford: Every time I see a duck in a pool I think about him. Rest in peace Gandolfini.
  • Wed, 22:08: I ate liverwurst today, but I forgot to instagram it.
  • Wed, 22:13: For a bunch of doctors you sure are a bunch of idiots. Wow.
  • Wed, 23:01: This... this is just where I am right now. Who I am right now. #breathe
  • Thu, 10:28: Getting a bunch of things accomplished before 9am makes me feel like a grown up.
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