starless (starless) wrote,

So much to do today.

I have to stop by the IRS to pick up a "return transcript." Why? I don't know. Every single year since I started school (I guess that's only twice, this being the third time) they want me to prove that I'm an independent student and that I have no family. I know things can change a lot in a year, but having kids while staying in college (and having a relationship that leads to joint financial issues) seems like a stretch for one year.

Then, to the college to turn in that paperwork and start a payment plan for the Summer II courses I enrolled in. I'm still doubting the wisdom of that, but I need to get some classes out of the way if I want to graduate this Fall.

And then off to work at WCL. I'm going to meet with management there to talk about going full time. That way I'll get benefits, which I need badly. Also, then I can say goodbye to a certain place which takes advantage of its employees, doesn't pay them properly, and... well... it's a shitty place to work. After 2 years of it I'm ready to move on.

Plus: benefits. I need medical insurance.

Enough procrastinating, coffee is finished and it's time to head out the door.
Tags: errands, school, work
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