starless (starless) wrote,

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  • Sun, 20:51: It's metal. If I didn't get into a shoving match on my way backstage if wouldn't be a metal show.
  • Sun, 20:51: Testosterone is a hell of a drug.
  • Sun, 21:05: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Tim Barry (22), Cory Branan (17) & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (11) #music
  • Sun, 23:02: RT @ACLU_Mass: The CIA, NSA and WH agreed, Binney said, that obeying the Constitution wasn't relevant anymore. So they didn't.
  • Sun, 23:07: 25 minutes and Kill Switch Engage is finished, we pack up, and I can go home and SLEEP.
  • Mon, 00:55: Right. Take your shower at 1am. I'll just chill here and wait. Oh, and I turned the hot water off, so....
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