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  • Tue, 16:52: Apparently neither Diane Schneeman nor Cynthia Whiting are interested in returning phone calls or resolving issues. @Comcast Time 4 Verizon.
  • Tue, 17:00: RT @VerizonFiOS: @riggah Hi, there! Are you thinking of joining Team #FiOS? Check out current offers here: Tweet us …
  • Tue, 17:34: Sweet, so RCN & Verizon both cover my new address. I guess @comcast 's monopoly isn't as solid as they think. #moneytalks
  • Tue, 19:28: Fuck Game of Thrones. Seriously. Wtf.
  • Tue, 21:04: Finally registered for some classes for fall semester. I'm so over school it took me this long to convince myself to go back next term.
  • Tue, 21:08: Even though it has been 7 weeks since I smoked a cig, sometimes, out of nowhere, I really, really want one. Like now. Like RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
  • Tue, 21:09: Also, still mad at Game of Thrones. I only watched the last episode a few hours ago, but wow, I'm mad.
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