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  • Sun, 21:39: RT @OccupyWallStNYC: Manning pled guilty to 20 years worth of charges, and Govt. still wants to try him for Espionage, Aiding the enemy. As…
  • Sun, 21:43: Again, I've been wearing my truckers cap backward all day. I have bruised all over my face from punching it b/c I'm such a dbag. #psa
  • Sun, 22:08: RT @teenagesleuth: Creationism: Because it's easier to read one book than a whole bunch of hard ones.
  • Sun, 22:09: RT @Philosononymous: RT @codepink "Why are those who committed the crimes that #BradleyManning exposed not on trial?" #ManningPanel #Free…
  • Sun, 22:12: Political parties have withered & died b4. I hope I'm seeing the death of the GOP. And I used to call myself a Republican. #betrayedbygop
  • Sun, 22:16: Apparently I really really really really really need to watch Game of Thrones and I can't b/c I just moved and have no cable/Internet. #fml
  • Sun, 23:16: It's been a while since I sat in a bar and talked shit. I'm having a good time with Ant. @ChikaraPro then a good time at Local 44.
  • Sun, 23:23: Oh. It's Beer Week in Philly. That explains things.
  • Mon, 00:02: Oh my.
  • Mon, 00:04: No , seriously, Oh my. I haven't drank this much in a bar in a while. Especially without smoking a cig. And autocorrect is loving me.
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