starless (starless) wrote,

Cars, dads, and swollen prostates.

Over the last few days...

I received a large speeding ticket for driving stupidly.

I spent $350 on my car only to be told I need to spend another $350.

I had the car inspected and its registration renewed ($60/year to renew a bit of paper, Pennsylvania? Really!?).

Needless to say, the luxury of having a car is starting to become more of a monkey on my back than anything else. I managed to live from the age of 16 to 37 without a car. I'm really keen on going back to that.


I'm worried about my dad. It's more of a generalized sort of worry, but he's on my mind, nonetheless. Maybe it's because of my mother dying four months ago. At any rate, he's forgetting a lot of things and seems to have trouble making logical deductions. Maybe I'm not even describing it properly. Yesterday I took the train to Thorndale so that I could pick up my car from the shop. I needed a ride from the train station to Firestone. I'd called dad that day before to ask him if he could give me a ride, etc.

So at 8am he calls me. He's sitting at Firestone. Am I getting there soon? The agreement was that I'd call him when I got close to the Thorndale train station. So I told him I hadn't left yet, grabbed a coffee, and hopped on the train. When I get close to Thorndale I call him. He says he'll meet me at Firestone.

I'm not mad. I'm not telling the story because I want to make fun of my dad. I'm telling the story because he couldn't keep a simple plan like "I'll call you when I get close to the train station so that you can meet me there and drive me to Firestone" organized in his mind. He shows up at Firestone (what?) at 8am (what?) and, even after we rehash the plans, he still wants to meet me at Firestone. It worries me.

But how do you say to your dad: Hey, dad, you're becoming absent minded, befuddled, and forgetful; I'm taking you to the doctor.


I won't even get into my own health problems. I'm certain that the instant I see a doctor I'll be diagnosed with six weeks to live or something..

Speaking of health, I quit smoking again. Tomorrow will be five weeks without a cigarette.
Tags: car, dad, health, money, smoking cessation
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