starless (starless) wrote,

Last weekend was meant for catching up with schoolwork. I procrastinated instead.

So today, between Calculus and ERP, I'll be cramming in some homework. ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning. The purpose of the class is to teach us about work flow and the software designed to streamline... resource planning. We talk about things like increasing efficiency of document flow, data management, etc.

The professor wants all homework submitted in PowerPoint format. Not Word, which would be bad enough. Not Publisher. He wants our researched work to be printed on paper, but it has to be created in PowerPoint.

I'm not sure this is the guy who should be teaching us about work flow efficiency.

Anyway, long day: school, then Johnny Marr is in town and I'll be lighting the show. Then, maybe, some sleep in my future.
Tags: calculus, dpr, erp, music, school, trocadero
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