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  • Thu, 07:42: Dave leaves Sex Nerd Sandra, next podcast is women talking abt giving fellatio. Next James Deen. Now, "Prostate Play, take it like a man!"
  • Thu, 07:44: It sure seems like the male perspective has been lost in that podcast, which was an important aspect of the show.
  • Thu, 07:46: Good morning, tweeps, I just had that thought as I gave Sex Nerd Sandra one more chance and was confronted with "Take it like a man!" #no
  • Thu, 07:47: The connotation of the title is that you're less masculine if you do/don't like prostate play? I'm wary of anything statement like that.
  • Thu, 07:49: Are you less of a woman for not enjoying _____ during sexual intercourse? Is your gender-worth determined by skill at fellatio? #NO
  • Thu, 07:50: And this is why I unsubbed from Sex Nerd Sandra :(
  • Thu, 08:08: So, 1 of the Comcast drones responded to my tweets. I sent an email to Comcast on 4/11. Can you believe that nothing has changed? #Contastic
  • Thu, 08:10: I don't know why I expected Comcast to fix something in 2 weeks that they've been too incompetent/lazy to fix since October 2012. #Contastic
  • Thu, 11:14: Note to self: When keeping textbooks on my tablet it's important to keep the tablet charged so that I can actually do school work.
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