starless (starless) wrote,

How did this week sneak up on me? Suddenly I have absolutely no time to myself until Sunday.

And "to myself" I mean things like, doing laundry, doing homework, studying for tests, working on Final Projects, etc.

Tuesday night was some sort of prep-school rap show. T. Mills and Sammy Adams. Talking about being from the hood in Riverside, CA, but actually attending private prep schools and near-ivy-league university. Yep. Tha 'hood. Oh, and I was at school by 8AM that morning.

Last night was Sparks; an interesting show to say the least. Got home at 1AM.

Today: up for class all day, then headed to Wilmington for work until Midnight or so.

Tomorrow, early call, long show.

Saturday, early call, long show.

Sunday will be wasted in bed, watching TV and taking naps.
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