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  • Sat, 15:44: Perfect Hair Forever.
  • Sat, 19:48: One-sided everything.
  • Sat, 19:50: The dream of the 90s is alive @TheTrocadero
  • Sat, 19:53: How many times do you text someone without a response before you give up?
  • Sun, 00:16: It's hilarious how as soon as the drunken doctor started spewing about how he makes more many than anyone, his friends left him.
  • Sun, 00:36: RT @YourAnonNews: There's no place like
  • Sun, 00:42: It's Saturday night. I just heard the top fortiest 90s top forty playlist ever. And now more 90s spun until 2am. #dreamofthe90s
  • Sun, 00:44: I also feel like the crowd that is so emphatic about the 90s actually were teenagers in the 00s. Kinda like the 80s with 90s kids. #oughties
  • Sun, 00:55: I wish I could say I listened to this music in the 90s, but my friends and I were so far away from it...
  • Sun, 00:57: Little goth/industrial raver candy kids. We called ourselves a tribe and scarred each others' arms with fire-heated fork tines.
  • Sun, 00:59: We all slept together, pulling mattresses and cushions together in floors, sharing blankets, the 7 or 8 of us spooning, tangled of limbs.
  • Sun, 01:01: Always together, incestuous if we considered each other family. We weren't related, but we all shared DNA together.
  • Sun, 01:02: And as strong as we thought we were together, we also imploded in on ourselves.
  • Sun, 01:03: Of my "tribe" I'm only still in contact with one of them. But that's what time does, I guess. But that was my 90s.
  • Sun, 01:05: And I've never felt that sort of closeness again... that connection. We were more than the sum of us. #my90s
  • Sun, 01:06: And I just wanted to say one thing as I reread those tweets: fuck you, autocorrect. No, seriously, fuck you.
  • Sun, 01:09: RT @AlbertBrooks: Hello it's North Korea? Hi, it's China. Oh, hi. Cut it the fuck out. Okay.
  • Sun, 01:13: I still have that scar on my arm. It looks like the tetanus shot scars the generation before mine have. Or was it TB?
  • Sun, 01:17: Anyway, it's a dime-sized scar, from poking a red hot fork into it multiple times in the middle of the night at a campsite in Shenandoah.
  • Sun, 01:20: We all took turns, taking part in everyone else's branding. And it's still there. Faded, but with me.
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