starless (starless) wrote,

don't tread on me. nor spam me.

I just sent wrote and sent this email as a response to the unwanted, misguided, Obama/Democrat fund raising spam that I just received.

I do not belong to the Democratic Party.
I do not belong to the Gubernatorial Opposition Party.

I did not vote for Obama in either election. I refused, instead throwing my vote to the Libertarians since they seem to be the only politicians who care about the country rather than their party and power for power’s sake. And yes, that statement includes the Great Change and Hope Peddler Barack Obama.

I will not support a president or a party which is hell-bent on neutering the Constitution and puts more emphasis on taking away Americans’ freedoms than protecting those liberties and unalienable rights.

From Wikipedia:

“The Democratic Party evolved from Anti-Federalist factions that opposed the fiscal policies of Alexander Hamilton in the early 1790s. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison organized these factions into the Democratic-Republican Party. The party favored states' rights and strict adherence to the Constitution; it opposed a national bank and wealthy, moneyed interests.

With the current actions of the Democrats, that last statement in bold, made me laugh so hard that I spit my barely-3rd-world-quality-because-American-infrastructure-is-crumbling-water all over my keyboard.

And now I’ll conclude this letter because I’m still laughing so heartily that I find it difficult to type.

John Abele
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I don't really care that I sound like a quack. It felt good to write it.

Because, seriously, how did my name end up on a Democratic Party spam list. Seriously.
Tags: all politicians are evil, democratic party, obama, spam, the only polit suitable for the job shou
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