starless (starless) wrote,

Every morning at 4:45 I get to bang on the wall because Dbag has started his hiphop nonsense. You'd think after the first morning he'd realize it's not going to fly.

So this morning at 4:45 I calmly walked over to their door and rang the doorbell. One of the Dbags came to the door, but wouldn't answer it. When I got back to my room (tomorrow morning will be the morning I refuse to go away, even if they turn it off) the music was turned off.

My knuckles are sore from knocking on the wall multiple times every day.

But, I now feel free to escalate the noise issue to the landlord and then police since I did try to make contact. Even if they were too disrespectful (or scared) to answer the door.


I'm so finished with school. Not really, I have another semester, at least, but as far as my motivation is concerned, I'm finished with it. Of course, I'll stick with it until I get the degree, but...



I started playing Bioshock Infinite. I've only played about an hour into the game, but my eyes explode every time I play. The visual effects are incredible. The imagery and style are exactly what I want. It's about time someone put some effort into a steampunk-flavoured game.

It's like a 1912 Steampunk Fallout. 3.

And then there's the lack of any kind of innovative gameplay. Again, I'm only an hour into the game so maybe things will change, but it feels like Fallout mixed with Dishonored, mechanic-wise.


Anyway, I should stop typing since I realized that I'm just procrastinating going to school.
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