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  • Wed, 17:24: Had a dream last night that I broke the screens of every phone, laptop, and tablet I own in succession. #terrifying
  • Wed, 17:43: Since Michelle Shocked told me to, I'll do it. "Michelle Shocked says God hates fags." There. Not so confusing, right @MShocked? #disgusted
  • Wed, 17:44: @MShocked says "I'm sorry I vomited such clearly homophobic, hateful things on stage in SF. I'm so confused" or something to that effect.
  • Wed, 18:07: Pew pew! @ The Trocadero Theatre
  • Wed, 19:19: Awesome that Obama is on ESPN talking about college football. Effective use of his time. There are no other pressing matters, right?
  • Wed, 19:21: Or is it basketball? Idfk and idc.
  • Wed, 19:25: Olympus Has Fallen? A resounding no thank you.
  • Wed, 19:35: Table of guys vs. girls arguing over whether Beyonce is "runway material." No. In the current fashion industry, no.
  • Wed, 19:39: It's a double date and as a guy I can say that arguing about how another woman is "runway material" will ensure you go home alone. #ornot
  • Wed, 19:40: #ornot because that actually works in the opposite direction for someone with self image issues.
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