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One of the things I like about having a house gig is that, although I can't tour, I can give them a little something that goes on tour with them. And maybe I'm a fleeting thought in other cities around the world.

Last night KMFDM came through Philly and they were a great crew to work with. Long story short, they had a vinyl backdrop that wasn't hanging properly (NO VINYL BACKDROPS, GUYS!) so I attached a pipe to the bottom of it to flatten it. When we struck the show I asked the LD if he wanted to keep it and his eyes lit up. "Can I!?" was his reaction.

So maybe, even though I can't tour now and I probably won't be in a position to for a long time, maybe that lighting guy at the Troc will be thought of throughout the tour. Just once or twice. When they unroll and hang their backdrop in Tokyo, maybe they'll think of me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Tags: kmfdm, live production, music, tech work, the troc, work
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