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  • Wed, 12:41: Really, today? Really?
  • Wed, 20:14: Install Tinder on a Saturday, someone in Wisconsin "accesses" my account 3 days later. It's never happened before. Coincidence?
  • Wed, 21:04: How to light an albino?
  • Wed, 21:25: What is that? That's a snare drum, guy. Are you sure you're a roadie?
  • Wed, 21:27: RT @TheChloeLamb: My real life is full of people who would unfollow me
  • Wed, 22:45: Take apart your bones and put them back together. Tell your mama that you're somebody new.
  • Wed, 22:55: The fact that an encore is expected and all bands go through the pretension of forcing people to cheer for "one more song." #overit
  • Wed, 22:56: If you like the crowd & want to feed off the energy a bit more, do an encore. Otherwise, it's a flimsy attempt at soliciting ego-inflation.
  • Wed, 22:56: And I'm sure all my friends in bands are going to give me hell for saying that. Pretending to leave just seems so contrived…
  • Wed, 23:08: She can search the whole world over, but she'll never find another sweetheart like me. #StJamesInfirmaryBlues
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