starless (starless) wrote,

I'm sitting in Starbucks , killing the only

I'm sitting in Starbucks , killing the only hour of free time I have until tomorrow.

Last night I lit Milo Greene and STARS. It was a good show. Unfortunately, I didn't get home/to sleep until about 2am. Woke up at 7, took a midterm exam with my coffee, and headed to class. I'll be finished class at 3 then head straight back to work for some sort of metal show. Thankfully, the show is relatively early so I should be able to get some sleep... soon.

As far as workload goes, this hasn't been a very rough week, but I'm completely exhausted. And March is just going to get more intense as it progresses.

And there's not much new to say. There's been a content patch in World of Warcraft, so that has kept me busy as well. In fact, WoW has kept me fairly busy since mom died. I suppose it's better than some of the alternatives.

The roommates have been mentioning OKcupid a lot. It seems that my relationship status is now a subject of concern for them. Sure, I've been single since 2010 and I've been on one date. 2? But I just don't care...

Anyway. I don't have enough to talk about to kill nearly as much time as I wanted. So. Yeah.
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