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  • Sun, 12:14: RT @DailyDeadNews: Contest: Retweet for a Chance to Win The Terminator Remastered Blu-ray, Thanks to @FilmBookdotCom
  • Sun, 13:46: This is will be my last winter in Pennsylvania. Decision is made.
  • Sun, 13:48: New Orleans or SoCal are the next stop. Yup. Sunshine.
  • Sun, 21:20: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Ceremony (40), My Bloody Valentine (9) & Autolux (8) #music
  • Mon, 09:06: Facebook is over. If you'd like to talk to me, lets take it back out into the Real World.
  • Mon, 09:07: So if you want to wish me a Happy Birthday, call me instead of Facebook message. You know... with a phone... and your voice.
  • Mon, 09:08: If you'd like to offer condolences over my dead mother, perhaps a Facebook comment isn't appropriate. How about you offer HUMAN comfort.?
  • Mon, 09:09: Facebook has forced us further apart, isolated us, and made us more alone than ever before. Under the guise of being social.
  • Mon, 09:10: Good morning. And that's how I feel about Facebook.
  • Mon, 09:33: And yeah, I really did go there. Some communication Facebook can't replace. SHOULDN'T replace.
  • Mon, 09:35: WE were the "cloud." Chaotically interacting. Now we're on a grid, equidistant from each other, but still distant.
  • Mon, 11:43: Five of broat.
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